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Question - What is Linear Buck Converter?

Answer - When DC voltage is step down through semi-conductor keeping in active region, then it is called Linear Buck Converter.

Question - What is Buck Converter?

Answer - When DC voltage is step down through semi-conductor, then it is called Buck Converter.

Question - What is difference between Electrical and Electronics?

Answer - In Electrical, electron flows through conductor while in electronics, electron flows through semi-conductor or vacuum.

Question - What is Switch Mode Power Supply?

Answer - When input power is transferred to required power level through switching of semiconductor by varying duty cycle or varying frequency, then it is called Switch Mode Power Supply.

Question - What is SMPS Buck Converter?

Answer - Functionally it is similar to Linear Buck Converter but to reduce losses, it uses switching to maintain Output voltage.

Question - What is Fly back SMPS Topology?

Answer - This topology can be work as buck or boost. During off time of MOSFET switching, output voltage is reflected back to primary and superimpose on primary voltage. Due to this reason, it is called Fly back topology.

Question - What is advantage of Flyback Topology?

Answer - Many isolated outputs can be generated with this Topology and no need of output inductor. So, Size is compact. Control System is very simple.

Question - How to control two or more output voltage at same Ground?

Answer - Two or more output voltage can be controlled by Cross-regulation ,method.

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